What is Super Call Account?

  • Super Call Deposit guarantees 6.50% interest rate for fifty million (50-mill)equal and above amount of deposit and 6.00% interest rate for fifty million below amount of deposit with interest calculated on day end balance and monthly interest payment. It provides instant access to your funds and allows unlimited withdrawals and deposits.

Interest Rates

Description Range Amount Interest Rate
Daily closing balance Equal and above 50,000,000MMK 6.50%
Daily closing balance Below 50,000,000MMK 6.00%

Product Benefits

  • Account opening initial deposit amount is MMK 50,000,000.
  • Allows to transfers and withdraw by Cheque book linked to the account.
  • Enables customers to link it with any preferable accounts.


  • NRC (original/copy)
  • Permanent Address
  • Occupation
  • Contact Number
  • 1 ID Photo
  • 2 Existing FPB customers as introducers(Name, Bank Acc Number & Signature)
  • Application Letter in Company Letterhead
  • Meeting Minutes and Resolution in Company Letterhead
  • Constitution
  • Company Registration Certificate (original & copy)
  • Company Extract
  • 2 Existing FPB customers as introducers (Name, Bank Acc Number & Signature)
  • Designated Drawing Officer in person (NRC (original & copy), 1 ID Photo