Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Value

Our Vision

  • To be one of the leading banks in Myanmar building strong customers’ trust and good corporate governance for the interest of stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • To keep strong relationship with our customers providing good customer services and innovative products.
  • First Private Bank to be a most trusted and reliable bank in Myanmar focusing on financial security and benefits of stakeholders by providing highest level of banking expertise, digital technology.

Core Value

1. Working As One Team
We will work as one team to achieve our common goal of our bank base on empathic communication and collective decision.
2. Integrity and Openness
I will act with utmost integrity our work in an honest and ethical manner and to be transparent and openness when communicating with stakeholders about matters related to the Bank business.
3. Accountability
We will work together for the Bank operation to ensure proactiveness rather than reactiveness and trying to find the solution with accountability to solve any issues when it is occurred.
4. Corporate Social and Responsibility
We will focus on a constant promise to operate our bank with regard to the quality of life of our employees, the local communities where we operate and society. We are committed to do banking business in an ethical manner which yields long-term, sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders.