What is Special Call Account?

  • Special Call Deposit guarantees 6.00% interest rate for any amount of deposit with interest calculated on day end balance and monthly interest payment. It is an ideal account for all entrepreneurs and shops/stores since it provides instant access to your funds and allows unlimited withdrawals and deposits.

Product Benefits

  • Account opening initial deposit amount is MMK 10,000.
  • Allows to transfers and withdraw by Cheque book linked to the account.
  • Enables customers to link it with any preferable accounts.

  • NRC (original/copy)
  • Permanent Address
  • Occupation
  • Contact Number
  • 1 ID Photo
  • 2 Existing FPB customers as introducers(Name, Bank Acc Number & Signature)
  • Application Letter in Company Letterhead
  • Meeting Minutes and Resolution in Company Letterhead
  • Constitution
  • Company Registration Certificate (original & copy)
  • Company Extract
  • 2 Existing FPB customers as introducers (Name, Bank Acc Number & Signature)
  • Designated Drawing Officer in person (NRC (original & copy), 1 ID Photo