What is Commercial Loan?

  • Commercial Loan is the type of loan that First Private Bank offers to its customers to fulfill their revolving fund requirements with tenure of 1 year with quarterly interest payments.

Types of Collateral

  • Immovable Properties (Land and buildings)
  • Bank Deposits (Fixed Deposits, Saving Deposits)
  • Gold and Jewelries

Interest and Repayment Plan

(1) Interest 10% Per Annum
(2) Interest Repayment Quarterly Basis
(3) Interest Repayment Fully repaid at the end of tenure of 1 year of tenure of 1 year


  • A copy of NRC Card and Household Registration Card with a passport photo of the applicant
  • Copy of valid Business License/Registration
  • Financial Statements for the latest 3 years.
  • Receipts of Income tax for the latest 3 years.
  • Business Photos
  • Title Deeds, Lease (Original and Copy)
  • Form-105/Form-106 in the name of the applicant mentioning that the reason is to borrow from the bank
  • If the building is self-constructed, original building permit and original residency permit should be submitted to the bank.
  • Photos of the building.
  • Court Affidavit mentioning that the property is free from mortgage, free from sale and free from giving as a gift to someone.

Application Procedure

  • Please visit the nearest First Private Bank Branch and discussed with the branch manager for required documents, etc. and fill Application Form and submitted it to the bank.
  • Responsible personnel will scrutinize the applied information and inspection will be made for Title clearance and assess the market value and forced-sale value of the properties.
  • The loan will be disbursed within maximum 2 weeks provided that all the required documents are adequate and in line with rules and regulations of the bank.
  • Sign the loan contract and related documents at the bank once the loan has been disbursed.