What is Overdraft?

  • Overdraft is the type of loan that First Private Bank offers to its customers to fulfill their revolving fund requirements with tenure of 1 year.

Types of Collateral

  • Immovable Properties (Land and buildings)

Interest and Repayment Plan

(1) Interest 10% per annum
(2) Interest Repayment Interest must be charged on the drawn balance of overdraft on monthly basis.
(3) Principle Repayment The loan balance used must be fully repaid at the end of tenure of 1 year.


  • A copy of NRC Card and Household Registration Card with a passport photo of the applicant
  • Copy of valid Business License/Registration
  • Financial Statements for the latest 3 years.
  • Receipts of Income tax for the latest 3 years.
  • Business Photos
  • Title Deeds, Lease (Original and Copy)
  • Form-105/Form-106 in the name of the applicant mentioning that the reason is to borrow from the bank
  • If the building is self-constructed, original building permit and original residency permit should be submitted to the bank.
  • Photos of the building.
  • Court Affidavit mentioning that the property is free from mortgage, free from sale and free from giving as a gift to someone.

Application Procedure

  • Please visit the nearest First Private Bank Branch and discussed with the branch manager for required documents, etc. and fill Application Form and submitted it to the bank.
  • Responsible personnel will scrutinize the applied information and inspection will be made for Title clearance and assess the market value and forced-sale value of the properties.
  • Overdraft will be disbursed within maximum 2 weeks provided that all the required documents are adequate and in line with rules and regulations of the bank.
  • Sign the loan contract and related documents at the bank once the overdraft has been disbursed.