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Trade Finance

Import Letter of Credit

(1) Import Letter of Credit (At Sight/ Usance) Major Requirement
  1. Import Letter of Credit (At Sight/ Usance)
  2. Original Import License (if need)
  3. Proforma Invoice/ Sales Contract (if need)
  • Usance Payable At Sight (UPAS)
  • Company Extract from DICA Online Registration (MYCO: Myanmar Companies Online)
  • Other trade related documents
(2) Import Bill under LC
  • Trade Related Documents
  • Original Import License (if need)
(3) Import Bill under Collection (DP/DA)
  • Import License (Original) (if need)
  • Trade Related Documents

Export Letter of Credit

  • Export Letter of Credit Advising
  • Export Bill under LC
  • Export Bill under Collection (DA/ DP)