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Loans & Advances Interest Rate (per annun)
Type of Loans
Special Industrial Loans 10% Terms & Conditions can negotiable upon
requirement of borrower.
Term Loan 10%
Overdraft 10%
Deposit rates Interest Rate (per annun)
Saving  5.00 % (interest paid quarterly)
Fixed Deposit (3)month 5.25 % (6)month 5.50 %
(9)month 5.75 % (1)year 6.00 %
Call Deposit 2%

Domestic Remittance Rates
Up to Ks 100,000/- Ks 50/-(fixed)
 ks 100,001/- and above 5 pyars for each hundred Kyats
Fax Charge ks – 500/-
payment order Rates
Up to ks 100,000/- Ks 50/-(fixed)
 ks 100,001/- and above 10 pyars for each 100 Ks

(maximum ks30,000/-)

General service charges Rates
Free of charge for current account balance ks 30,000/-and above
Current account balance Service charge
Less than ks 30,000 Ks


100/- per six months
Current account withdrawl/deposit Ks 10/- for each transaction